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Provide professional construction services

On the job,Detail,Serious and responsible,Has the very good team cooperation spirit,Strong collective consciousness。Designers and technology responsible for real estate interior space for the professional team、The hotel club、Catering entertainment、Commercial office、Luxury villa interior design and construction,To bring customers the best satisfaction

1 Test room free of charge、The amount of room
2 Out of the plane and valuation for free,Valuations≈The budget=The final accounts
3 Senior director of lead more than designers
4 Senior director of inspectors/Engineering manager the whole process supervision
5 Customer service return service

The company is a professional construction qualification of credit enterprise,Set design、The construction、Materials、Engineering supervision as one of professional decoration company,Focus on building indoor creative design、The exquisite construction、After-sales service as one of professional team,Collection of contemporary senior design strength,AdoptedIS09001International standard quality management system,The specialty is engaged in the real estate interior space、The hotel club、Catering entertainment、Commercial office、Luxury villa interior design and construction。 We are“Strives for the survival by the quality、To manage the operation、To take the market price”The management idea,On the service commitments“Make each project a model project,Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit。”In the future,Bo a artists will be whole,To the best,Bo win,To build China's high-end decorative brand!

Our mission

As a contractor,We are committed to take care of your project from beginning to end,On time delivery,Specify the budget and quality。

The project is introduced


Customers how to say?

Bo-Art core values

Chuangyi heaven and earth,Bo win。
Professional、The good faith,Innovation、Gratitude。
Treat employees like family,As for the family firm。
By heart,Be honest。

Where we are?

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